Colins Three Appeals


It is so easy to avoid the sadness that comes with a lost life due to a lack of blood for patients. You could save the life of someone else just by donating a little blood. Feel the joy that comes with helping to save a life. Put a smile on someone’s face. That smile could be a family member’s. Donate blood.


There is a need for tens of thousands of blood donations everyday, to fill someone’s need for blood every two seconds. With needs of people such as car accident victims, cancer patients and sickle cell patients who are constantly in need of large amounts of blood, it is essential to give blood to fill the ever present need for more blood. Fill that need with your blood.


It is such a wonderful feeling to help those in need. By donating blood you would be filling a very essential need by helping to provide something that could be used by someone close to you. Contribute in a way that is done by others everyday, including individuals like Jackie Chan, Reba McEntire, Dr. Phil McGraw and Raven-Symone to name a few.

One thought on “Colins Three Appeals

  1. Christina Laanen

    Thanks for posting, Colins. Each appeal is in line with each of the assigned principles and all evoke appropriate responses.

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