Becoming A Designer
by Dale Borja

Maria Soroeta

Maria Clara Soroeta

Maria, 23 year-old Argentinian, came in to the country last April of 2014. She already has a degree in graphic design but wanted to add web design in her set of skills.She is currently attending Art Institute of California – Silicon Valley as a Web Design student. Maria started her graphic work at an early age. Her first work was when she was in third grade. Their teacher would ask them to pick out a book and design a poster for it. She would design something and would get a lot of praises because her classmates thought that her work is really something amazing. Maria is also a big fan of typography. Her love for typography started from admiring graffiti work of people and it developed from there. She then started working on some typographic work of her own.

iWarm Carved Rubber Stamps

Carved Rubber Stamps for Warmi

Here are some of the follow-up questions that I asked Maria:

D: What was your first artwork aside from the posters in third grade? How did you came up with it?
M: “I think I was about 12 years old. Around that age, I was into graffiti and I would copy some graffiti that I saw and eventually started making one of my own. From there I developed my graphic skills and focused on typography and evolved into making posters. However, my love typography still hasn’t changed a bit.”

D: When did you start getting into graphic design?
M: “When I was in junior year. I remember looking through the booklets for the school that I was trying to get into. For some reason, I was more drawn into the design of the booklet and how the layout was created versus of what actually was in the book. Then I asked myself, ‘I can get a job and get paid designing books?! There’s a job for this!?’” *both laughed out loud*

D: What’s your strongest graphic suit? (Digital, Traditional, Typography, etc.)
M: “I like creating hand made elements and turn them into digital pieces. I would say that my strongest suit would be typography.” *shows some of her art work*

D: If you were to choose another major aside from graphic design, what would it be?
M: “SCIENTIST! I was really torn between graphic and medical field back then. I imagined myself working as a Neuro Surgeon or Marine Biologist. I’m really a huge fan of science especially the brain. It’s very fascinating what the brain can do and other things related to science. Imagine what you can learn when you find out when you know how the nature or our brain functions.

D: Was graphic designing your initial passion? Were you influenced by an artist or someone close in your life?
M: “Art has always been in my life. My mom is great artist. She was one of the people that influenced me that’s really close to my heart. Another artist that did was Alex Trochut. He’s a great typographic artist. (shows me some of Alex’s work). And I really really like graffiti that lead me to typography.

D: What are you currently working on?
M: “I’m working blogs at the moment. I’m adding web skills on my design phase and developing my skills.”

D: What are your work process’ in creating your designs?
M: “I like to sit down and write words related to my work. But usually, I just get these sparks of ideas then I would start working on something. I always make sure that I have a solid idea before I start working on something.”

D: Where do you see yourself in 5 to 10 years?
M: “Hopefully, if everything goes my way, an Art Director of a company. I’d like to see myself in a higher position in the art industry and hopefully own a design firm.”

D: What advice do you have for people that are trying to get into graphic design?
M:“Only get into it if you’re passionate about designing. Always have inspiration and know what you’re working on. Constantly look at things for ideas and build a mental gallery.”

Although Maria have a great set designing skill, she never stops creating new artwork. She always manages to find something random and turn into some beautiful. Her work is definitely something that I would recommend looking at. Not only that the designs were unique, but all of them came for heart. Let her be an inspiration to the people who are trying to get into graphic designing.

“Never stop looking for ideas and be passionate about what you do” – Maria Clara Soroeta

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