Technical Description: Stanley Glue Gun

By Colins Epie

The Stanley glue gun is a piece of equipment that serves the purpose of delivering glue to objects that would not otherwise stick together with a simpler glue. It is an electric gun that is loaded from a hole in the back, with a cylindrical stick of thermoplastic adhesive. This solidified glue stick is delivered into the heating chamber, where it is melted and squeezed out through the tip of the gun with the pulling of the trigger. Once the glue has been delivered to its desired target, it re-solidifies within seconds.


This particular glue gun is shaped very much like an actual pistol. It has a barrel that contains a heating chamber to melt the glue stick. It has a handle that is well shaped for gripping. The trigger is quite large and does not have a guard around it, leaving it open. Below the handle there is a wire that has a plug that has to be connected to a wall circuit to render the gun functional. The handle also has a switch that toggles between high and low. This switch controls the level of heat being delivered. At the back of the barrel is a hole through which the glue stick is inserted. The top of the barrel has an opening that allows the user to further manipulate the glue stick.



This gun is about 10.6 inches in depth, 2.2 inches in height and 7.2 inches in width. The glue stick hole can hold up to 0.45 inches in diameter.


The gun is a medium grey with dark grey accents. It has a yellow trigger and the tip of the gun is a lighter metallic grey.


Most of the gun is a very hard plastic. This includes the exterior handle and barrel. The trigger is a hard plastic as well. The tip of the gun is solid metal that allows the hot glue to flow smoothly through without interruption. The wire is wrapped in a thick rubber material.

The Process

First the gun needs to be plugged into a circuit and left to heat up for about 5 minutes. Then the glue stick should be inserted and left to sit for another 5 minutes. This allows the glue to melt. At this point the user can grab the handle, place the metal tip very close to the specific spot to be glued and gently pull the trigger. Once enough glue has been released, the user can set the gun down and focus on the object being glued.

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